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Safe Work Solutions Inc. is a focused team of professionals dedicated to the idea that safety is best served through a comprehensive system of solid procedural development, integrated management of these systems and practically based training programs. While simple sounding on the surface, often one or more of these features will have some inherent weakness, leaving the system vulnerable to failure. Our experience has been hard won by working with and through these type of systems failures. Coming from a core background of incident response, rescue and remediation we have the in field experience necessary to build the confidence of your team and make your system work.

Our Team

W. Jeff Daniels (Canada)

Industrial Safety Specialist / Principal Consultant

HSE / Hazardous materials specialist with 30 years of knowledge and experience in emergency response and environmental remediation. Specializing in shock sensitive, bio-hazardous, and explosive material.

Extensive experience in work at height, confined space, gas detection and hazardous materials.


Hazardous Materials Expert / Environmental Remediation Specialist

Subject matter expert on global chemical response and training program for over 35 years. Expert witness and author of multiple books in the field.

Brian Reid (Barbados)

Emergency Systems Analyst / Response Specialist

20 years experience in HSE and Risk Management, based in Barbados.

As a training provider he has successfully delivered various HSSE and BCM content to thousands.  As a consultant he has worked with a diverse set of industries, including manufacturing, finance, retail and distribution, property management, aircraft ground-handling, LPG refilling and others, in union and non-union environments.

Marise Kelly-Johncilla (Trinidad)

HSSE Systems Analyst / Risk Management

ISO Lead auditor with 17 years experience in Risk Management, based in Trinidad.

Design, implementation & integration of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) inclusive of occupational safety and health, business continuity and aspects of quality management systems.  Developer and facilitator of a safety training management systems.

Extensive experience with on-shore and off-shore oil operations as well as chemical production facilities

Training Specialists

People Trained


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Who We've Worked With

" We likely saved over 1 million dollars because of the background research and subsequent work in the field. "
- South Eastern US

" Thirty years of doing this training and I have never learned so much. "
- Clark, Toronto, Canada

" One of the most thorough courses I have ever done and the practical tied it all together. "
- Sigmund, Stavanger, Norway

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